Thursday, November 11, 2010

Biggest mistake made by trappers new to snaring

I have started this blog to try to help trappers with snaring problems and to give tips on snaring and trapping.

 Talking to trappers at different conventions around the country it seems that snaring fox and coyotes is easier for beginning trappers than for trappers who have been using foottraps for a while. When using a foottrap ( notice I don't ever use the term "leghold trap" as this is an anti word, traps are not designed to hold by the leg) the trap is to be completely hidden, usually with a covering of dirt. With snares for fox and coyotes the more you hide them the less you catch. The whole idea behind the snare is that the animals attention is focused "over there" and your snare is set between the animal and where he wants to go. Too much blocking around the snare tends to make the canine look at where he will go thru, he sees the snare and then avoids it. A very small amount ( one weed or one piece of brush) is all that is needed. I often set crossing logs with nothing except my snare loop and its support wire. This is the hardest thing to get accross to seasoned foottrappers. They just have a harder time getting over the hide the trap mentality than do beginners.

 For mink and coons you can block around the snare to your hearts content and still catch your target animal!